Photo Editing


A sample of stories that I have photo edited for the University of Washington Magazine, which is sent to 1 million readers each year.


“Down to the core”
Photographers: The Voorhes

For a story about the decrease in public funding for higher education, and the difference between perception and reality when it comes to this topic. Photos by the Voorhes.


“The identity solution”
Photographer: Bob Gwaltney

I commissioned Indiana photographer Bob Gwaltney, a longtime photojournalist at the Evansville Courier & Press, to cover the opening of a new school in Indianapolis. The school, called pilotED, has a curriculum designed around teaching and celebrating racial and cultural identity. Bob developed the film in his living room.


“Jordan Nicholson’s moment”
Photographer: Abdi Ibrahim

In collaboration with DJ Stout and Haley Taylor at Pentagram Austin. I hired Abdi Ibrahim, a really talented 22-year-old out of Seattle, to shoot fellow photographer Jordan Nicholson for a feature story about Nicholson’s improbable career as a globe-trotting music photographer. The theme hanging over this story is the human body—what makes it unique, and what makes it universal. I told Abdi to treat the session as a study of the human form, to emphasize Jordan’s disability while also creating shots that look right past it. With these photos, I think you can immediately tell Jordan is differently abled while also knowing it doesn’t hold him back at all.


“In the Club”
Photographer: David Oh

After admiring David Oh’s work for about a year, I hired him to do a recurring series that features club athletes at the University of Washington. This is a corner of a college campus that doesn’t get much attention, but that is filled with sweat-soaked, obsessed individuals pursuing their passions at a very high level. And David has extensive experience embedding himself with athletes, from roller derby to running groups.


Marc delaCruz of “Hamilton: An American Musical”
Photographer: Meron Menghistab

As an understudy in '“Hamilton” on Broadway, Marc delaCruz knows just about everybody’s lines. He has played King George, the dual roles of John Laurens/Phillip Hamilton, and been a member of the chorus. But delaCruz made history when he took the stage as the lead role of Alexander Hamilton, making him the first Asian American and first Filipino to play the role on Broadway. I wanted Brooklyn-based Meron Menghistab on this because he has a calm and collected presence that really helps put PR folks and talent at ease. Also, Meron’s style has an aura of calm to it, and I wanted something quiet and a little mysterious—to break from the bold and dynamic nature of performing in “Hamilton.”